Flowers are such a bit part of your special day. As stylists, we are very conscious of integrating your florals into your overall styling (and absolutely LOVE this job!) We also understand that flowers can be one of the most expensive part of your wedding, and that the costs do add up.

As such, not only do we offer a full range of standard floristry services, we also offer premium silk flowers, which are generally 30-50% of the cost of fresh, to help keep the costs down whilst ensuring your wedding has the most possible impact and beauty.

In our eyes, we believe that with the quality of silk flowers we supply, you would be fine to swap out fresh for silk for any ceremony arrangements (which also mean your arch arrangements etc won't wilt in the sun!) and any other arrangements that your guests won't be smelling/touching (eg large hanging installations, bridal table flowers etc), but we suggest opting for fresh for your bridal party flowers (eg bouquets and button holes) as well as possibly your guest table flowers. (Fresh will SMELL amazing which is one thing you can't get with silk!

Regardless of what you opt to do, we can tailor your flowers to any budget. and we can make recommendations on how to spend this budget including things like which arrangements you may want to include, size, ingredients, vessels, and of course, whether to go silk or fresh.

In most cases, the biggest flower cost will come down to your table flowers (as you'll likely have quite a few tables) and as such, we've added a quick guide for you below to give you some examples of what you can do with different budgets.

We're also happy to match any other florist's quote (or simply be provided ideal prices by YOU) on any of your arrangements (or your overall flower budget). We will make recommendations on how to get your budget to go as far as possible.

Centerpiece Options



FRESH from $25 / meter

SILK from $15 / meter

Greenery is more cost-effective than flower stems, and can look incredibly beautiful mixed with candles and potentially a small number of fresh flowers.

Price varies based on volume of greenery required.


Bud Vases

FRESH from $15 / vase

SILK $10 / vase

Add texture and depth to your tables with flowers and/or greenery in 'bud' vases.

Fresh price varies greatly depending on flowers used. We recommend fresh flowers for glass vases.


Vase Arrangements

FRESH: $50 - $300 / vase

SILK: $30 - $150 / vase

Opt for a 1-3 larger floral arrangements per table for a bolder statement.

We're also all about drama so will create an asymmetrical design that requires fewer florals than a rounded shape.


Foam Arrangements

FRESH: $100 - $600 / arrangement

SILK: $60 - $150 / arrangement

Floral foam allows for the largest and fullest arrangements. These arrangements are ideal for using with floral stands and tall centerpiece vases, or just straight on the table.



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